229 - Poundage Update

Weight and inches update:
                 Jan 1                   4 weeks ago              Today               Lost/Gained
Weight -   172.0                  171.6                          173.0               +1.0 lbs (this frustrates me)

Bust -       39-1/2"               39"                             38-1/2"             -1" (bugger, I wanted to keep them)

Chest -     34-1/2"               34-1/2"                       34"                   -1/2"

Waist -    36-1/2"                34-1/2"                       34"                   -2-1/2"

Hips -     43-1/2"                42-1/2"                       43"                    -1/2"

Thighs -  24"                      23-1/2"                       23-1/4                -3/4" (x2)

Biceps - 14"                      12"                              12"                     -2" (x2, flexed)

So an overall loss of 10", but I've managed to gain a pound (really 2 since I'd gotten down to 171.x). The weight part is frustrating... I can't keep believing that 'muscle weighs more than fat' so this is okay... I'm working out every single night for 30 mins, occassionally an hour, but I'm putting a lot of effort into this, and to still not lose pounds or go down a pant size is disheartening.
Oh well. I'm going to go plant my garden now...


  1. It's true, Kristy. Muscles weigh far more. Keep looking at the inches and not the scales. Eventually, the weight will come down, too. But losing inches and firming up is exactly what you should be doing. Are you feeling better, heatlhwise? You should be noticing more energy, etc.
    Sorry, but fitness is a subject near and dear to my own heart. Hang in there. You're doing better than 90 percent of everyone else out there!

  2. I do not weigh myself ever and then when I go to the doc I am always surprised.

    I have a goal as far as size in clothes and just how I look. That is how I tell my weight. If they are tight or loose or if I can drop a size, etc...

  3. I don't think it's as much about the weight, as how you carry it and how it makes you feel. Building muscle, exercising and building stamina are worth much more to you than a number. You go girl!

  4. Oh my gosh, you should be so proud of yourself. First of all, you've been working hard every single night. Second of all, you've lost actual inches. Who cares what the scale says, you are on your way.

  5. Keep going, because it sounds like you need to ignore the poundage and go by how much better you look at feel.

  6. Holy crap sister! TEN inches??? That is phenomenal! I bet people can tell a difference in you, regardless of the number of the weight.

    That is so awesome! xoxo

  7. I exercise using the Wii Fit Plus. It's fun and I've lost like 10 pounds. I'm a guy so it might be different.
    How do u lose inches on ur waist but gain a pound?