234 - Visine, it takes the red out

So, there I was, putting drops in my eyes, which I rarely do, but I had touched the cat and sometime in the middle of the night (half-asleep), rubbed my eye. It was red and itchy... itchy and red... and I had just bought some Visine, so I decided to use it rather than scare people with my evil red demonic eye.

Then I felt something trickle down the back of my throat... and I wondered about that old urban legend... the one that says if you put Visine in someone's drink, you'll give them diarrhea (you give it to them... like a gift... from you... to them). Nothing happened so maybe it's just my sinuses... I constantly have sinus drainage... that's what makes me so sexsay. But I digress.

I decided to consult Snopes.com, because now that I was thinking about it, I have always wondered if it was true.

It's not.


Apparently Visine can fucking KILL YOU.

It does something to your central nervous system when you ingest it. I guess going into your eye a drop at a time is okay, but swallowing it is bad, bad news. Really bad. It makes me wonder if putting it in your eye is such a great idea...

So now you know... if you absolutely have to get back at someone, and you are determined to do it via their bowels... bake the chocolate laxative brownies instead (or instead of doing any of that, just make a voodoo doll and smash it over the head with a giant hammer).


  1. Are you serious?! That's freaking scary!! Another thing I'm never going to buy!:P

  2. It would never have occurred to me to spike someone's drink with Visine, but thanks for the heads up.

  3. Jiminy Christmas! I've got some research to do. Thanks for the heads up, on one more bad thing.

  4. Sarah - If Snopes can be trusted... yep, it's true...

    TS - You have an evil streak, my friend...

    Ms A - Don't drink the koolaid! (I don't know what it means either, I just had to say SOMEthing...)

  5. lol..@ don't drink the koolaid!

    So does this mean I should worry if my ex happens to store large quantities of this item in her home??

    Maybe I won't accept that dinner invitation to mend those fences after all.... o-O

  6. Even though it might kill you, you've gotta admit, it does get the red out.

  7. Um....there's an art to eyedropping someone's drink or food.

    I'll be the first to admit I've done this. I know, I know, you've lost all respect for me. (like you had a lot to begin with, right?) hehe

    My ex-husband was a jerk-off! I'd put a couple drops in a glass of tea. Any more than that is dangerous. That was just enough to give him the chronic "runs" to the bathroom that gave me that perfect bit of satisfaction. The rest of the time, I used his toothbrush or hand towel for unusual cleaning. ;)

    My darling DH is very careful to not piss me off. ;)

  8. Whoa that is freaking scary! I don't think I will have that around my house!

    Oh and nothing says I love you like tasting another person's phlegm as you make out. =)

  9. Erm..what is visine? I'm off to google it!

  10. That is good to know.

    Hee hee. chocolate lax brownies. I worked with 2 guys who were always playing tricks on each other and one of them did that to the other.... Oh was that funny!

  11. This is so odd and scary...can Snopes be trusted? I figured visine was nothing more than pure water?

  12. I can tell you that my opthamologist poo poos Visine is a major way. He says it is bad stuff. He insists I use natural saline only. If that shit can kill you upon ingestion I assure you it is not good to put into your lovely eyes

  13. I love how you think Kristy.

    From petting your cat to death by visine!

  14. Wow. That's kind of scary. I had no idea, so thank you Kristy!