099 - De nada

Sometimes my job drives me crazy. Sometimes I get about as much support as a large-breasted woman with no underwire in her bra. Sometimes I feel like I accomplished something big. Sometimes I just scratch my head in wonderment.

That was my day in a nutshell, thank you for listening.

I'm getting so antsy... my trip is four days away. I know, you're tired of hearing it. BUT I HAVE CABIN FEVER AND YOU HAVE TO CARE!!! (or at least pretend)

This morning it was raining... no -- raining isn't an accurate protrayal of what was going on out there... water was coming from the sky in horizontal sheets, hitting my window in a way I haven't heard since the hurricane. I hit snooze and made my peace with being late to work. Then the rain stopped. I got up, slightly disappointed. I looked out the window and saw that the water wasn't pooling in the street, so I got dressed and started in to work.

I was wearing my sunglasses, it was dark. That was stupid. I did have my headlights on, but they didn't differentiate between the glistening sheen of water in a thin layer on top of the concrete, and a curb-deep pool of water across the road as I approached the entrance to my neighborhood. I didn't realize I was in trouble until I was in the water. Shit. My car's little, and I never did put those pontoons on the bottom.

'Don't let off the accelerator... don't speed up... just keep going, slow and steady... remember what they told you, if you push on the accelerator it will suck water into your carburator and you're screwed.' (can you tell I'm a girl by the way I don't know how to spell carburator?)

It seemed to stretch on forever, the water seemed endless. It even seemed to deepen at one point. The life of my car flashed before my eyes, but Trixie slogged on without a hiccup. I came to the end of the water. I began to rejoice. Then I heard the familiar sound of water under my car. There's nothing quite so horrifying as that sound and the way my nerves respond to it. Shit. More water. Thankfully a lesser amount.

From that point on I had green lights all the way, never came to a complete stop until I got close to work. I was shaking. I was also pleasantly surprised. My car didn't die. It started when I cranked it this afternoon. Everything seems fine. Sure... I have mental scars that may affect me for the rest of my life. But everything's okay...


  1. Sounds like today would have been better used as a sick day..At least you made it through with a minimal amount of emotional scarring.. :)

  2. Yeah, but in four days I'll be gone for two weeks so I couldn't justify it. And I had to get stuff done. Damn responsible adult syndrome...

  3. I'm still stuck on the large-breasted woman with no underwire in her bra...

    Sorry, I'm a guy. What can I say! 8-)

  4. Greg, you can have my nan's number if you like?
    Nice blogging by the way.