080 - Little Ms. Understanding

Seems like this whole week has been fraught with misunderstandings. Sadly, people jump to conclusions without taking the time to separate fact from fiction. Some don't even seem to want to hear both sides of the story. I'm guilty of it to some extent, but the lengths some people go to boggle the mind. Salem witch trials come to mind. Alas... I thought we were all adults here.

Anyhoo. I am disappointed and disenchanted with the whole thing, cryptically speaking.

Just finished watching The Uninvited. I didn't have high expectations, I just wanted a scary movie. It was actually good, with a (not so) nice twist at the end. Come to think of it, it sort of goes along with the theme of perception and jumping to conclusions. The opening line struck me as funny... a girl and a boy making out hot and heavy and he says: "I love you. I have a condom." Hmm. Smooth. Now I'm watching Coraline... I wish I liked it more, but it's just alright. I'm in a bad mood... it's probably great, I just can't be pleased at the moment.

Bought a new nose ring. My (simulated) opal is a tad large. I want the dainty, sparkly crystal. Last one I had fell off. I also bought an earring made especially for the cartlidge piercing at the top of my ear. I'm assuming it has a shorter post, if not there was no reason for me to waste my money... By the way, Body Candy is having a 20% off sale if you use the coupon code MOBILE during checkout. They have good deals anyway, so 20% off is like icing (on the cake).

I also ordered a suitcase. I decided I wanted a red one, to make it easier to identify on the luggage carousel, and my cousin's suitcase doesn't have wheels so I'm going to let her use the one I'm replacing. Found one that was reasonably priced so I jumped on it. I looked at the tracking information this afternoon, and it gave the weight of the package... 30 lbs -- WTF? My suitcase had better not weigh 30 lbs! There's a 50 lb baggage limit for chrissakes!

I'm going to take the easy way out tonight and pimp some of my favorite blogs for the week, in a little thing I like to call Sharin' the Lurv:

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Enjoy! Comment!


  1. Hey, love the way you write. You bring the inane to life. Very talented. Keep up the good work. And consider yourself followed.

  2. Thanks! In five minute slices, my life is pretty interesting =)

  3. Hey Kristy!
    I am a fan of horror movies, but it's so hard nowadays to find a decent one! Recently, I watched "The orphan" and it wasn't that bad. There's a surprising twist at the end and that made it worthwhile!
    If you ever have suggestions, please just write them on my blog!

  4. One of the blogs I read was raving about The Eye. I remember the previews and it looked pretty good. Now that I seem to be over my horror movie phobia, I might check it out..