097 - Something I've never seen before...

Came home and saw the strangest thing ever... a mail Jeep, stopping at each mailbox on my street, very briefly... pull up... stop... rock back... open mailbox... and go. And then... a second mail Jeep, stopping at each mailbox on my street, very briefly... pull up... stop... rock back... close mailbox... and go. Mail drills? Interesting.

Yesterday at Target I ended up in line behind a lady that I disliked on sight. She was probably younger than she looked... her heavily made-up face was gaunt, with a severe, pointed nose, and dispproving eyes. Her head was crowned with spiky red hair which came to a point just in front of her ears, and as I watched, she took her thumb and index finger and primly twisted it into an even sharper point. At that moment she looked like a preening bird. Her thin lips never cracked a smile. She looked dreadfully unhappy, almost nervous, as if she were forcing herself to relax. She was the epitome of someone with a stick up their ass. So I thought, 'yep, here's a woman with a stick up her ass... but maybe that stick is all that's holding her together.'

It leads me to wonder if that kind of thinking is a throwback to survival of the fittest. I disliked someone I didn't even know. Her appearance led me to make unflattering assumptions about her personality.

Part of my irritation stemmed from the fact that she was standing at the very end of the conveyor belt. She had three small items. She could have moved up and put the plastic divider behind her purchases, but she didn't. I stood behind her, grunting, as the weight of the cat litter cut off the circulation to my fingers. I shifted it onto my knee. I balanced it on top of my foot. I held it in my arms like a baby. She glanced behind her like I was annoying her with my antics.

Later, I saw her in the parking lot, in the middle of the lane, not making any effort to move to the side as a car approached. After that, I didn't feel so bad for jumping to conclusions, in fact, I felt justified, because she actually was inconsiderate.

(Hey look Fish! A short one!... or short-ish)

P.S. Seven days! This time next week I'll be on an airplane!


  1. too bad you couldn't drop that cat litter on her foot. People like that are proof that natural selection doesn't work!!

  2. I was waiting for the subway yesterday and there was a dude standing in the crowd, not moving to the side when people wanted to pass. And he was giving everyone else all incredulous looks that they DARED to sidle past him in such a manner. And then when the subway arrived and came to a stop, he pushed his way to stand right in front of the door. And then got angry when people had to push past him to exit the train.

    Lawd have mercy. I kind of wanted to kick him in the shins, so I know how you felt about disliking someone right away :)

    P.S. I am not a violent person. Sometimes.

  3. Bendigo - I honestly think the cat litter weight more than she did. Bitter people are often emaciated...

    Kato - Reminds me of a trip to Disneyland... lol. Some people eat indignation for breakfast I think.

    P.S. I'm not violent either... except in my head, where I live in a cartoon fantasy world and bonk stupid people over the head with my giant cartoon hammer. And yes, it goes BOINK! when I hit them. =)

  4. Haha! I know what you mean :)