090 - I'm crazy

Soooooooooo... I go to work this morning, and I share the broom story. Did my co-workers say, "Wow! That's really cool!" Nope. My co-workers look at me like I'm daft. Even after I showed them the video. It was very disheartening to find that they have me figured out after all. I thought I was fooling them into thinking I was normal.

Not to be put off by a little doubt I think, 'Ha-HA! I'll find it on the web and prove it to them.' So I search... NASA electromagnetic field broom kitchen... nothing... NASA October 11 metal broom kitchen... nothing. I continue searching, and coming up with nothing, until I put in a magical string of words (that unfortunately I can't remember and can't seem to re-create) and my blog shows up at the top of the list. Unfortunately it didn't help my case to cite myself as a reference.

But it really happened. And if it wasn't electromagnetic, then I have bigger problems... anyone know a good priest?

I'm about to make an admission that is mortifyingly embarassing to me, but it's true nonetheless -- so please don't judge (and if you watched Jerry Springer, you really can't... seriously). I was reading a trashy gossip mag this weekend (no! don't run away!) and in the reader comments area, there was this comment about the breakup of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel (and I paraphrase): "He should move on. Rhianna is prettier and Jessica isn't really relevant anymore." Wow. Harsh. Not relevant anymore. I didn't realize that was a reason to date someone. No wonder my relationships don't seem to work out... I'm last year's sweater. I mean, if Jessica Biel is no longer relevant... and I never was... guess it's me and my cousin in a creepy house at the end of the block with fifteen cats and a large herb garden after all. I love my cousin, but I was hoping for the fairytale. *sob*

Tomorrow I'm getting a flu shot. I don't want to risk getting sick on my vacation, so I'm going to bite the bullet and get the shot. And get the flu. Last time I got it I had all the symptoms except for the vomiting... and really, that worked out for the best. The only way vomiting is semi-pleasant is if you ate chocolate cookies beforehand... and in that case, it isn't half bad. Just a little tip from me to you... if you know you're going to puke -- eat chocolate (although when it happened, I really didn't see it coming).

Wonder if there's a blogging award for 'most frequent use of dashes, parentheses and ellipses,' cuz I have that on in the bag.

All of a sudden I received several new responses to my 'looking for blogs' post. It was kind of weird. Silence for a couple of weeks and then 10-20 new emails. So I found some more good blogs, and decided to clean house on blogs that aren't being updated regularly. I can only read so many. I tried to add them to my sidebar but I guess there's a processing time involved or something.

The spiced nuts turned out a little greasy, but only just. I wasn't too sure about them at first, but after sitting for a day the flavor has improved and now I'm starting to like them. Basically you toss some nuts in olive oil and lemon juice, roast them in the oven (that's so redundant... like you're going to attempt to roast them in a sink or something), and in the meantime, rinse some capers, let them dry on a paper towel for an hour, then fry them for about 3 mins on med heat until they're brownish and crispy. Mix it all together and voila! Nut mix. The caper part was the worst of it, because somehow, with all my kitchen gadgets, I failed to purchase a simple slotted spoon. Keep that in mind if you attempt it.

Pretty new RED suitcase got here late yesterday. Seems like there's some kind of inverse proportionality between how eager I am for something to arrive to how late UPS delivers it. It got here around 6:30 pm. Like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Stupid UPS. They did, however, get the hint and take my other package -- the note worked, they are literate. Anyhoo, my suitcase is pretty and red, and it's just the right size. I packed everything I can pre-pack (because I'm anal retentive like that) and I'm READY TO GO. Now.

Or now.

Got my hair cut this afternoon, and it turned out well. I think. One never knows until one washes one's hair, does one? (One more one anyone?) She miraculously got my hair stick straight... which maybe isn't my best look, but the cut is what matters, and I think it's a good cut. I always get a little worried when there's steam coming off my hair... that can't be good for it. Seems like it would get dry and brittle if it were subjected to that all the time, especially since I don't condition. My shampoo has some (and this is where I lose the guys) moisturizing properties in it, and I guess it's enough, because I haven't had split ends in years... God bless TIGI.


  1. Well fear not. There are plenty of "normal" people here in blog world that believe in the magnetic broom... Glad the suitcase is a fit. Guess it's a trade off - good haircut and perfect fit suitcase vs. nobody believes you about the broom. I think you came out on the plus side with that one. :)

  2. Oh you're going on a vacation with a red suitcase? How I wish I was that lucky! I love red suitcases. Or any colourful suitcase for that matter. Except for yellow. And pink. Actually, red and purple are the only acceptable colours.

    Loved the post! I think that you might not be the only one to deserve the blogging award 'most frequent use of dashes, parentheses and ellipses.' I have a tendency to use a lot of those, myself. Maybe not as much, or maybe just as, I don't know.

    It's funny how on blogger I'm finding many people who are somewhat similar to me. I'm an aspiring author too and while you're the Queen High Mistress of the Universe, I'm the Queen of Everything - or so people tell me I like to believe.

    I hope you visit my blog sometimes. Maybe even comment and/or follow? (:


  3. Hey just found your blog - very cool. I might be able to compete for your love of the - symbol :). The one thing I hate about the hairdressers personally it is always looks so sleek elegant and easy when they prepare it for me. Then I leave and it turns into a crazy mess!

    Kate xx

  4. Bendigo - Thought I posted a comment already but I don't see it... I agree, much better to have the good hair and the suitcase!

    Missy Kimmy - It's always nice to meet another Royal (I come from the Pain line, what's your pedigree, lol?) I was incredibly excited about my red suitcase. I don't know why it made me so happy, but I was practically giddy about it. And I'll have to watch my punctuation around you... *nervous*

    Kate - I used to hate the way they styled my hair when I was younger, because they made it soooooooooo poofy. Now I wish I could make it look the way they do; I agree... it's like false advertising when they make it seem so effortless. Honestly I only blowdry and style the front half of my head. I feel sorry for anyone standing behind me.