082 - Fan Mail

From time to time when I open my email I find that my inbox has been flooded with messages. It can be a bit overwhelming, so I have decided that since I can't personally respond to everyone, I would share some of my favorites with my cyber-friends so that you can see that I do, in fact, read all of my emails:

Amyontop sends me an email to let me know that she's "Take'n care of bidness." Kudos to you Amy! Your email reminds me of one of my favorite episodes of Dead Like Me (RIP) where the crazy office manager had a webcam set up in her apartment and it streamed to a website called "Getting things done." Apparently people liked to watch her do her dishes, and vacuum, and scrapbook. I wouldn't be at all surprised if there really was a market for that kind of thing... I wonder if Amyontop has a similar webcam...

Lora Bowles says, "Yo yo! Check this out dude" Well Lora, your excitement is certainly contagious, but perhaps you have mistaken me for... well... a dude. I apologize that I never got around to checking anything out... your email somehow ended up in my spam folder, where it accidentally got deleted. Sorry.

Rosalyn Hinson offers to show me how to "lengthen and widen [my] penis." Apprantly Nymphogirl69 didn't pass along my message, so here it is -- I don't have a penis. If I did I might resent your implication, it's women like you who give men complexes that their next girlfriends have to overcome with constant reassurances and gasps of surprise. Please don't email me again.

Heatherhugsnkisses emails to ask "Do you know what you need?" What a unique name, Heather! I'm touched that you're concerned for my welfare. It's nice to know that people care. I'm pretty set though, unless you want to pay off my bills. Toodles!

And lastly, Freakynympho asks, "Dont cha wish?" I do Freaky... I do. Every night when I see a star, which is actually rare since I live in the 'burbs. So far my wishes have yet to come true, but I do wish.

So that's my mailbag wrap up. Feel free to send me an email and I'll try to get right back to you.  G'night!  =)