081 - Mind over bladder

(the blog has nothing to do with my bladder, it's just that... catchy titles are hard to come by)

I spent most of today in the yard pruning, pulling, gathering and bagging. It felt good to get things done that I had put off for no reason other than my aversion to the sun (which, I think after the sunburn, I can honestly say is a valid concern -- my back still itches). I have to admit that the flowerbeds look much better without the dead flowers there, staring me in the face as if to say, "Murderer! If you had only watered me I might have lived!" Yeah, well... I didn't cause the drought...

Then again, maybe having corpse flowers staring them in the face made the other flowers try harder... muahaha...

I took the scissors to my potato vine, trimmed it back a little. It was starting to choke one of my other plants, and that's where I drew the line. There were weird bulbous, pear-shaped things hanging off it, some the size of a walnut, some about the size of a baseball. I don't know what they are... after all, potatoes grow under the ground... that means those things aren't potatoes. They're probably a pod containing some sort of weird alien life form... I should burn them just to be safe (I kid).

This afternoon I watched a movie so horrible that, unless I have the title wrong, it isn't even catalogued on IMDB.com (SyFy again). I think it was called Robert's 14. It claimed to be about a guy who brainwashed 14 people into protecting him from being killed. Don't ask me what I thought was going to be so interesting about that... but in any case, that's not at all what it was about at all. Instead, it was about a guy who kidnapped kids, locked them in his basement for ten years, and somehow during that time, he turned them into crazy, zombie-like, superhuman people that, once unleashed, went on a violent rampage... dismembering people with machetes, disemboweling them... eating them. Even when one of them was cut in half, he still managed to put up a good fight (and it was graphically gory in a realistic way). In the end they pretty much killed the whole town. There was no happy ending. It was more of a "you're next" type of ending. It was worse than Cabin by the Lake... Sorry if I spoiled it for you.

The good news is -- maybe I can make it through Zombieland after all...

So tonight's task, because my allergies are killing me and there's no point in going out, is to clean out my old suitcase so that I can get it to my parents before they leave (they're delivering it to my cousin). After that I'm going to work on my makeup for Halloween. Again. I still haven't settled on a suitable 'vampire' look. I seem to keep coming back to the idea of red eyeshadow, but maybe that's where I'm going wrong. We'll see. The good news is that I won't need to buy any special foundation to make me look pale and corpse-like... I've got that covered; I just prefer to refer to my skin as 'alabaster.'

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