116 - Don't hate the playah

Why is it that the paso doble must always be performed to ritualistic, satanic-sounding music? Seems like every time its come on SYTYCD lately I expect Damien to pop out of the floor and attack someone!

I was talking to a friend this afternoon and we got on the subject of sugar daddies. Not the candy, but the other kind. I decided I need one to pay for my meals and such so that I can save more of my money and reach my financial goals more quickly. But then I realized that in order to do that I need to change a few things about myself first:

Lose about 40 pounds
Dye my hair blonde
Get bigger boobs
Lose a few IQ points
Become more subservient
Actually pay attention to the back of my head when styling my hair
Stop biting my nails, and worse... get a mani/pedi

I realized it's like a job. A job with a hell of a lot more downsides than the one I have right now. Pfff. Forget it!

Speaking of my job, I just got some really, really, really good news this afternoon, but I can't say anything just yet because some of the people I work with may stumble across my blog, and it isn't official until it's official. But I'm ecstatic. ECSTATIC!!!

The cuz wasn't so ecstatic about Alaska... She asked me why I can't ever go some place warm... Well... that's because I live in hell, so I like to go somewhere that is more temperate. Anyhoo, I'd been mulling over the idea of seeing the shuttle launch next summer, and since the shuttle launches from Florida, and a variety of cruises also depart from Florida, and those cruises usually head to warmer parts of the world... maybe I can combine those two things and do Alaska with another group of people. I'm flexible (sometimes)... it'll all work itself out.


  1. glad to hear you aren't selling out after all. Keep your IQ it'll probably serve you better :) Hmmmm....florida and a nice cruise following..I suppose there are worse things in life.

  2. You don't need to do shit, pardon my language. If some guy doesn't like you for who you are, then F them. On the other hand if you want to make a change that will make YOU happy then go ahead. There's no reason that you should have to change yourself in order to potentially "please" anyone.

    Just sayin


  3. LOL, I was talking about what I needed to do to get a sugar daddy, not a boyfriend -- but I appreciate the sentiment, and I agree!

  4. You forgot one KEY aspect of finding/keeping a sugar-daddy... 8-)