117 - Booked

I stay home most nights, and I spend a lot of time alone. Don't pity me -- I do have friends (I'm very likeable, lol), and I like people, but I needs my space. All of sudden the holidays (or holidaze, as you wish) come along and I have tentative plans Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thanksgiving, two Saturdays after that and the following Saturday (and while we're at it -- the night before Christmas and Christmas day). It's nice... but for me it starts to feel overwhelming to have plans so far out (I know... this from the girl who is already planning her 2011 vacation... I'm nothing if not conflicted). I'm not one of those people who goes out every night... oh no... I like to laze around and do things around the house (housework, emails, blogging, movies, reading, cooking... it takes up a lot of time). I used to feel bad about my propensity for staying home, but I have come to realize that I am who I am, and that's just the way it is (when in doubt, rely on catchphrases to make your point). Guess what I'm saying is... ARGH! I just want to relax!!!

On the way home there was an ad on the radio that made me laugh. It said, "Hey! It's me -- Cathey from so-and-so Chevrolet!" Who? If you're a rock star you can pull that 'hey big city' routine, but if you own a car dealership? Sorry. The city doesn't know who you are.

...sigh... Tomorrow night I'm going to start pulling my donation stuff together so I can drop it off Saturday. Doesn't sound like a lot of work, but I have to get rid of a lot of stuff in order to take the maximum deduction. I don't give junk away, so I have to sort through it first, and that takes time. And I think before the 'winter' is over, I'm going to clean out my garage and demo that work bench. I would leave it, but whoever built it left a six inch gap between the bench and the wall (but it's built in... so I can't just push it to the wall and be done with it, plus it's that old kitchen counter material... it's not really meant for a workbench). I would rather build shelving; that's more useful. The part I dread most is getting rid of the spare floor tiles. They're heavy. Oh, and the dirt... garages are always so dirty...

Mmmm... My house smells like peaches. I burned one of my candles down to the point of uselessness last night, so I got to light a brand-spankin-new candle this afternoon. I love candles. I have tons of them that I haven't even used yet, I just grab them while they're on sale and stock up. They're relaxing... Off to relax...


  1. Ah I love the smell of peach and I'm sure it's very "pronounced" coming from a new candle. Do you ever put fruit down the garbage disposal? It's just like potpourri :)

    Good Luck on the garage I don't envy you in the least for that chore.

  2. I sometimes put half a lemon and some ice down the garbage disposal to freshen it up and sharpen the blades, and yes it does smell amazing. I should do that again soon... I just wish it lasted longer.

  3. We sound like the same person. I enjoy staying home and doing my own thing. I used to feel so guilty about it but I have never been the party type.

    So you burn your peachy candles and keep wrting this blog :)