125 - Kristy is bored

This afternoon I decided to watch the Taylor Swift episode of Saturday Night Live. Wanna know what? As they rolled the cast credits... I didn't recognize a single person. Not one. It's probably been ten years since I last watched an episode of SNL. I grew up in the era of Phil Hartman and Jon Lovitz, and after that cast started to move on I didn't like the direction the show was going. It just wasn't funny anymore. Luckily about half of the skits on this particular episode were pretty amusing. Doesn't mean I'm going to make it a habit or anything, but maybe from time to time I'll dabble instead of avoiding it altogether. Maybe.

Wanna know what else? Taylor is actually pretty, but she looks better in almost every other hairstyle they put her in, besides her own. Even cornrows. I just don't like her hair... it doesn't flatter her.

Wanna know what else? There's a guy on there who looks like Jim Carrey, only with a square head.

So... today... I organized a little. That's my goal for this coming year... to clean out my closets and the garage, and get them organized. It's partially about letting go of stuff, and partly about trimming down so that when I do move, I don't have so much to toss or pack. It's hard for me to get dressed in the morning because I have too many choices, and some of those choices don't fit. Or they don't flatter me. So why do I keep them? I'm waiting on a tension rod to get here so I can put it in my armoire and hang stuff in there so it'll be easier to find. Right now I have piles of shirts and sleep pants, and it's a hot mess. Good thing I can close the doors! I don't do well with drawers or shelves... they're like the freezer... once I put something into a drawer, or the freezer, I don't think about it. It just sits there, useless, until I go through it to see if I want to keep it or toss it, and I end up keeping it but the cycle begins again (well... the freezer I toss... I don't wanna die!).

I need to figure out what to do with my hairdryer and flat iron. They're just laying on my counter, and there's not a lot of counter space. I found a holster for the hairdryer, but I think that's going to look messy with the cord hanging down. So I haven't found that solution yet. Anyone have a trick for that?

And I made a comforter... or maybe it's a duvet cover since I need to stuff it with something before it's anything more than two pieces of fabric sewn together on three sides. I had all this fabric I'd bought when I thought I was going to become a sewing fiend, and one of the fabrics was perfect for the room I'm trying to fix up, mostly neutral with some red flowers and green vines, enough color to pop but not be too busy or overwhelming. Later on I can get a couple of pillows, paint the bed rails and maybe get a red or green throw, and it'll look awesome.

So now I'm bored. I'm broke because of all the shopping I did yesterday (and today), and I'm not in the mood to go out... but I'm bored. Sigh. If my kitchen stuff was here I'd be organizing the kitchen. I finally bought one of those wall mounted organizers for aluminum foil and plastic wrap, and a can organizer so I can see what I have and don't end up in my current 11-cans-of-tomatoes situation again. I wish I could do something about the wasted corner space in my cabinets, especially since I have more stuff I'm going to need to store soon, but barring replacing them (which ain't gonna happen), I can think of a solution.

Bored!!! Argh!!!

Hope everyone's having a great weekend!

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  1. Man. I watched SNL at that time too, and it was my all time favorite time to watch. So good!! I cant watch it now because I just don't laugh anymore. Gone are the days of Dana Carvey...

    Great post!