122 - All packed up and ready to go

Trixie has been turned into a pack horse and the house looks tidy again (there were bags of clothes and fabric all over the floor but now they're in the trunk and ready to go). Tomorrow I need to drop a couple of packages off at the post office, then drop by Goodwill... after that, my to-do list will shrink to practically nothing. Well, not nothing... I get to make mashed potatoes and a green bean casserole on Thanksgiving... that's my thing. I went ahead and picked up two more cans of green beans, an extra can of cream of mushroom soup, and a second can of the fried onions for Christmas. Cuz that's my thing.

I'm excited, because the day after Thanksgiving... Lifetime becomes Fa-La-La-La-Lifetime and they play Christmas movies every day. I love Christmas movies. I love Christmas. I'm a total Christmas nerd. I didn't know how I would handle Christmas with the cats, because last year I had Sammy and she was a stray, and Gracie was a kitten... I knew my Christmas tree was doomed. One the one hand I didn't want to not put up a Christmas tree... on the other hand, I didn't want to murder my cats for destroying said tree. So I compromised. I had a wire tree meant to be put out in the yard, and I put it up in my living room instead. After the initial once over, both cats left it alone (no dangly bits to tempt them). We were all happy. So happy that I'm doing it again this year. Hopefully Daphne will be just as disinterested. And maybe Sammy will come home. And then I'll be the cat lady, but I'll have my Sammy back.

I watched Hotel for Dogs as I piddled around the house this evening. Whereas I though it would be a complete waste of time, it was pretty entertaining. It tugged at my heartstrings. I can't stand to think of animals without homes. I become a weepy mess when that Sarah MacLachlan commercial comes on... in fact I have to change the channel. I think I mentioned that when I went to the pound to find Sammy I started sobbing as I looked around at the room full of cats in cages... it breaks my heart... all these animals... good dogs and cats... in little cages. They get a little attention from volunteers, and they get food, but they can't run around and play, and it stinks even though the cages are kept clean. It's miserable and all of them are still so affectionate. Coming from that situation, Daphne just loves everyone, she laps up any attention she can get... which can be frustrating if I just want to be left alone... but mostly she's content just to lay next to me on the couch or follow me from room to room like a little dog. Enough of the cat talk...

I need something uplifting after that. Imagine doing this to someone you don't like. Muahahaha.... the possibilities...


  1. I think I'd be a mess if I went to an animal shelter to adopt a pet. I wouldn't be able to choose and I'd want to save them all!

    By the way, the link to the goats in a tree... I believe that was featured on a Goat Thing of the Day awhile back. I appreciate you thinking of me when you saw it and forwarding me the link! And as far as messaging me.... are you on Facebook? Or Twitter? Or there's an email link on NGIP, and on my blog profile.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. I LOOOOVVEEE Christmas too!!! In fact, around here I am known as Ms. Christmas. I am super excited this year as last year we kind of skipped out on the holiday. Our cat was sick and dying (she is ok though!! We pulled her through!) so it wasn't very festive around here.

    So this year I have to make up for last year as well!!!

  3. Nice to read someone else upbeat about christmas - lots of the blogs have been too depressing!

    Kate x

  4. @ Kate - whose blog is depressing? Surely not ours!

  5. Lol..that video was hilarious. I too have animals from the pound. Two puppies (who aren't puppies anymore) and Cooper, my big fat gray blob and he does nothing but run up and down the hall sliding from the hardwood to the area rug where he suddenly stops and tumbles (very entertaining really). While I was getting our puppies I saw Cooper and just couldn't leave him behind. His owners dropped him off because they said he couldn't use the litter box. Funny I've had him for over a year now and he hasn't missed yet :).

    Happy Thanksgiving and in your case a little early cup of cheer for Christmas...

  6. those damn Sara MacLachlan commercials get me everytime. I guess that is why we donate to our local Human Society each year. We have kitties that were both rescue ones and they are the sweetest!I can not watch those commercials though... I literally feel my heart ache.
    happy holidays to you and your family!

  7. NGIP - Thought it looked familiar... but it had goats so I had to be sure, lol

    Kato - Glad your cat is better this year. Know what to get you... a sash proclaiming you as Ms Christmas =)

    Kate - I actually thought it was kind of depressing, that's why I had to save it there at the end. Glad it didn't read that way to anyone else

    Bendigo - I wouldn't know how else to find a pet, and I completely understand how you can see a cat or a dog and they just insinuate themselves into your heart right away. That's how I ended up with all my cats... something about them made me want to take them in.

    Lisa Marie - I do too. For some reason I'll donate to animal causes before I donate to anything else. Guess I feel like animals can't really help themselves like humans can.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!