123 - Gobble, Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it this month, or at all. I'm waiting on my potatoes and green bean casserole to finish cooking so I can head over to mom and dad's and have some cornbread dressing and Thanksgiving chicken. I don't know why we don't bother with a turkey, but yes, we have a Thanksgiving chicken. And I don't mind, because it's delicious. =)

I've gotten most of my Christmas shopping done over the last couple of days. There are some really good deals out there. For $1,100 you can get a Sony desktop, Toshiba laptop and a smaller laptop-like computer at the Clearance Club. For $17 you can get an 8 GB memory stick at Buy.com. Aeropostale has their clothing on sale at 50-75% off (I was eyeing the pajama pants). Hanes.com has $1.99 shipping. Lots of stuff if you have the money! Anyway, I only have to set aside some cash for dad, and get a couple more stocking stuffers and the 'rents are done. My friends and I are doing the white elephant thing this year, so that's zero cost. That leaves my cousins and grandma and I'm done! Yea! Phew!


  1. Smart lady. I haven't even begun to think about it!

  2. Mom and dad tripped me up... we had a hiatus on buying dvd's and damn if they didn't buy Star Trek... Grr. Now I own a copy. Good thing I liked it.

  3. Hello Kristy
    Thank you for visiting and joining my blog. I am still learning the ropes on blogging and will be adding more content. Your Webb site is excellent. I will add myself as a follower. Nice to see that you are also querying agents; I wish you luck. My first query went our four days ago.
    Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy your meal.

  4. David, good luck and congratulations on your first query! Feels like a badge of honor, doesn't it? lol

  5. Happy belated Thanksgiving...I've been relatively offline for the past couple of days. Now I am flooding you with comments...

    F L O O D!!!!!!