126 - Get 'er done

Liquid Plumber is my new best friend. For the last few days, my bathroom sink was barely draining, even after a double shot of baking soda and vinegar (cheap and fun to watch but apparently limited in its effectiveness, or effectivity if you'll grant me the latitude to coin a new word). This morning I remembered to buy some LP, and now my drain works again. It's so nice. Little things like that that we take for granted (BAGPIPES! sorry... distracted), and I, for one, don't understand. If this didn't work I was on the verge of calling a plumber.

I got to see some of my family this afternoon. I finally met my cousin's wife, I'd seen lot of pictures and knew, from her ever-present smile (and the fact that David picked her), that I'd like her. Meeting her clinched it, she's wonderful. My aunt and uncle are moving to be closer to them, which sucks for me, but is great for them and I look at it as another opportunity to visit another city someday.

I feel kind of flaky in crowds because I have a hard time concentrating on just one conversation. I am invested in the conversation that I'm having, but half an ear is also listening to everything else that's going on around me. I think I've always had that problem, but it seems worse now that I'm old enough to be cognizant of it. It's not so much a problem for me as a listener as it is when I try to tell a story, I lose my train of thought... which is kinda where the blog title came from. The comparisons to characters like Ally McBeal probably also stems from the disjointed way that I tell stories because of it... and also the oddball way I have of looking at things. Side note... mom has this stuffed bear that plays a Christmas song when you squeeze its foot, it's holding a plastic 'Jingle' across its chest, and as the song spells out 'j-i-n...g-l-e bells...', the letters light up. Then the bells light up. It wouldn't be noteworthy except that the placement of the two bells are in the crotch area of the bear's anatomy and I have the kind of mind that can't ignore that kind of thing. Moving on...

Because they're moving, they offered my grandparent's buffet and dining room table to me. I don't know if they'll fit in my house, I remember them as huge, but I'm so sentimental that it's hard for me to pass them up. It's funny though, I also remember my grandparent's dining room as being huge, but when we went back years later, the house seemed so small. Ironically, I was just thinking that I wanted a bigger dining room table, because I have dinner parties and it's hard to only invite 5 people, but that's all that my table can hold (well, six including me). On the other hand, my dining room is only so big and I don't want to overwhelm the space... I was kinda thinking of my next house rather than this one. We'll see. He's supposed to send measurements and pics so I can let him know.

Okay, random sideline... I just heard the most amazing thing... this little kid on Extreme Makeover's Home Edition... he has leukemia and he said that when he found out that his blood type was B+, he decided that would be his motto as well... be positive... people who have that much courage amaze me, especially kids... I'm just in awe. If I ever end up sick like that, I hope I have that kind of strength. He even started his own foundation. He's in a single digit age group... holy cow!


  1. Yo, be careful about using LP all the time, it is a VERY bad thing for your PIPES, BAGS or OTHERWISE

  2. I like your trains of thought :)

    Remind me of my own...

  3. I'm not sure I entirely kept up with this post but it was fun to read
    Kate xx

  4. B - I've only used it twice in the four years I've been in the house, so it's not a problem... Bags???

  5. @Brian - Kristy, he's right. Be careful with that stuff!