075 - Ssssssssssssssnake

I can relate to snakes. I'm peeling and it's nasty. It's not that soft skin that comes off in sheets, it's dry and flaky. Sexy, no?

So here's my shameful admission... I get hooked on the most idiotic, pointless shows out there. First I see a commercial for the show and I scoff at it... 'ha! no way in hell you're gonna catch me watching that show...' Then I get curious... 'how bad could it be?' Then I tune in, because there's always a time when there's nothing else on, and I have a weak moment. And just like that, I'm invested. I have to know how it turns out. Such is the case with My Antonio. I'll admit it, a large part of what keeps me interested is that I like to watch the hot guy with the cute dimples. The reason I'm admitting this to you is that today, they ziplined in Hawaii and it reminded me to add that to my bucket list. I want to zipline. That looks hella fun.

Today after lunch, me and the folks went to the farmer's market, and then to Home Depot. Dad needed something, and it was serendipitous because I needed to get some soffit vent covers, the thingamabob for my toilet, and some blinds. I got the vent covers and the thingamabob for the toilet. They didn't have any blinds I wanted so I'll have to look elsewhere. Phoeey. Got home and the toilet thingamabob didn't work. I actually wrote the model number down and asked, and I think the guy gave me the wrong part because once I flushed, it never came back down... the water just kept going down the tube... very disappointing. The situation went from bad to worse. Then I couldn't get it off to put the other one back on... grrr... I finally got it off (without breaking it -- but I was willing to go there if I had to). I rinsed the old one off and put it back in. Maybe that's all it needed, I didn't see any cracks in it, but there was some slime on it and maybe that was enough to keep it from sealing up tight. Fingers crossed.

So tonight, I get to watch new episodes of two of my favorite shows: Extreme Makeover, and Desperate Housewives. I love EM, the stories are sad, but it's so uplifting to watch people come together to help each other. It reminds me that I want to get out there and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity or an organization similar to it. I like to get out and work with my hands, I just... don't do it. I don't know what keeps me from it... shyness... laziness... fear that I'll be more of a hindrance than a help. I need to find a friend who wants to do this and get out there and do it. I've dabbled a little, I helped dad tear down my grandma's old pump house (where the pump for the well and the well itself were hidden away), and I helped build a couple of fences, plus the things I've done around the house. I like doing it, and when I do it for other people, it makes me feel good.

That is all. Shoo now... shoo...

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