069 - Procrastinating

The agony continues... I took an oatmeal bath last night and that did seem to help... for as long as I was in the water. Once I got out my nerve endings began to scream again... Lying on my back is virtual agony, but I guess in all honesty, on a scale of one to ten, one being a mild headache, and ten being pain beyond anything I've ever experienced, this is anywhere from a four to a six. It's mostly annoying (four) until something touches my back in the wrong place and then MOMMY (six)! I just popped an ibuprofen, so maybe that'll help (by the way, you wanna be really careful about your vowels and consonants in a word like 'popped'... or 'vowels' for that matter).

My back itches, but I'm not going to scratch it... no way, no how...

I have a new sentence that begs a story: "I'm never intentionally rude to people -- but that bitch deserved it." Random sentences like that pop into my head and when I can't get rid of them, I write them down. It's not much to work with, but sometimes those are the ones that surprise you.

I thought I was going to have great blog fodder this morning... one of my cats likes to start her day by hopping up onto arm of the loveseat and sinking her claws into the cushion to sharpen them. It sounds like she's going to rip the damn thing apart; me yelling at her in my gravelly morning voice does little to deter it. So last night I decided to play a trick on her to get her to stop. I put aluminum foil on top of the sofa arm. I chuckled at my brilliance as I imagined her hopping, unsuspecting, onto the arm, hearing the resulting noise, and jumping ten feet in the air just before she tore ass across the house to get away from the loveseat... never to touch it again...

What really happened is that she hopped into bed with me and lay there purr-snoring next to my leg, and she never even approached the sofa. So much for my brilliant plan. Ah well. Just imagining it cracks me up and I guess that's enough for now. I'll try again tomorrow.

I finally started re-reading my story last night... oy. I'm making changes. Some of what sounded so brilliant when I wrote and re-read it over and over for three months straight, now sounds amateurish. I want to keep the tone of it, but with a little wordsmithing I could make some vast improvements. I realize now that I jumped the gun. I was so excited that I actually finished something that I wanted to get it out there. NOW. And I probably shot myself in the foot by sending out queries before my story was ready. Live and learn.

I'm watching Posse, because it has Billy Zane in it. Yesterday I made it most of the way through Alien Agent... because it also had Billy Zane in it. I love me some Billy. Oh noooooo... Mario just killed Billy! Well... he was the bad guy. Oh no! He killed him again! He's like a Terminator! Hmph, the building blew up and he was on fire... unless he turns into liquid metal and reforms, or unless he was part Phoenix, I'm sure he's really dead this time. Movie over.

I'm going to attempt to watch Last House on the Left. It's my cousin's fault (again). I made it through Haunting in Connecticut, but that wasn't very gory and it was a supernatural force. I've made my peace with supernatural forces. I haven't made my peace with sadistic, crazy people. I don't know how far they're going to take the violence, but to be as safe as I can be, I'm watching the theatrical verison and not the unrated one. Probably still a bad idea... on imdb.com there are plot keywords like 'dismemberment', 'graphic violence', 'garbage disposal'... not looking forward to that... and oddly... 'mismatched bra and panties' -- really? People look for this? I think if I only watch 14 minutes of the movie, I don't get charged... so maybe I can feel it out and get an idea before I end up paying. Or maybe I'm going to sleep with one eye open for a few days.... last night I watched I Survived and there was this woman who actually had a guy living in her attic for a few days. She didn't know it until she got out of the shower one day and there he was, dressed like a ninja with a meat cleaver in his hand. Long story short, it wasn't pretty, and the whole person-living-in-your-attic thing is horrifying. I wanted to think that could only happen in movies. And this is why me watching this movie is a bad, bad, bad idea, because as far-fetched as it may seem, there are bound to be some elements of truth in it, and it's going to freak me out.

Pray for me.


  1. Yup... posting my own comment to my own blog cuz that's how I roll... Last House wasn't so bad... if you detach yourself... and don't look up when the garbage disposal starts going... which I didn't... but I heard a lot of screaming... and some grinding... and I'm pretty sure it was unpleasant...

  2. Saw that once in a movie also, now I'm totally paranoid about sticking my hand the disposal to unclog it or remove a wayward utensil. I always triple check the switch and make sure nobody is around before tempting the disposal monster now.

  3. Lookey! Lookey! I can REPLY to your comment...

    I'll use tongs to rescue something... I refuse to go in after it with my hand. Usually I just get pissed if someone puts a utensil on that side of the sink because it makes a hell of a lot more sense to put it on the OTHER side where it can go down the drain... (I don't have kids...)