069 Part 2 - Fish and ships

Here's my fishie... wait for it, that's just the bobber... By the way, this was early in the day, so my back wasn't burnt yet.

Look at me holding that rod -- I totally caught this fish! No... that's not the bobber, that's my fishie! Isn't he adorable? He shrunk when he hit the surface... he was probably 20 times larger under the water... seriously... (I should have sucked my stomach in...). He was kind enough not to eat the shrimp, so shrimpie got to go back into the water for more, as did fishie.

And hey - I caught a ship, too! (this is the one that looked like a friggin' skyscraper and had the huge wake that would have knocked our boat over if we had been on the other side of that wall of rocks)

So that's the pictoral version of my day. Thank you for watching. You may now go back to what you were doing.

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