070 - RAIN!

Dear Nymphogirl69:

Thank you for letting me know that you posted new pictures again today. My but you are prolific -- in fact, if the messages in my spam folder are any indication, it seems like you add more every single day. I appreciate your willingness to share your photos with a complete stranger, but I feel like I've been leading you on by ignoring your emails -- so here it is -- I'm sorry but I'm just not interested.

Take heart though, opinions in this world are subjective, so keep taking those pictures! I hope that you find the validation that you are looking for, and thank you for thinking of me!

P.S. If you have a brother, give him my email address  ;)

cc:/ Male "enhancement" products

...sigh... don't you just love spam? It's a virtual treasure trove of shit. But sometimes the subject lines can be amusing.

Since I had to wear a bra today, my sunburn was very much on my mind. I took an Advil and it helped, but I'm ready for the pain to subside... Even though I've been putting lotion on my skin (we're all hearing it in our heads so I'll just be the one to say it and get it out of the way -- it puts the lotion on its skin... I said it... moment over), it's been sort of tightening up. That worries me. I hope it doesn't blister... that's the last thing I need. From now on I'll be good. I promise. Or I'll try to be good.

Only 34 days, 19 hours and 18 more minutes until Scotland! And the weather today has been really making me eager... it's been dreary and raining all day and the temperature is probably in the mid-70's... ah heaven -- thy name is rainy day... My cousin has her Samhein costume pretty much put together. Mine needs pants. Or a skirt. Or something. And I need to get down to it and figure out what to do with my eye makeup. I don't want to be over the top, I just want to be alluring... and intriguing... and HOT dammit, I want to be HOT!

Making progress with the edits on the book, still hard to get back into the groove but then again, I was a little obsessive before and it's probably good to not quite go back to that extreme. And speaking of... gonna go get some work done. Toodles! (who else watched Gidget? c'mon don't be embarassed... you know you did...)

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  1. Smurf the smurfin' contacts, too. The grey ones were bigger than my iris so I look like I have fish eyes. The purple ones not only didn't change the color of my eye AT ALL, but the one I tried on was actually ripped at the edge. I won't be wearing them.