062 - Wow.

Someone saw this movie plot, they chose it out of the slush pile, they financed it, they cast it with someone I've actually heard of, it got made... and then a distributor picked it up:

"A man must save his town from a monster that hides in lightning."

Really? It hides in lightning? Okay, here's my next plot -- a woman must save her town from a monster that hides in air. Cut and print. You may write me a big fat check and move me into a mansion. Ugh.

So right on schedule, I'm going to be cooking for other people, so my allergies have started acting up. I don't understand why I can be perfectly fine one day and then in misery the next.In that vein, I'm sooooooooooooooo looking forward to my steak today... Yee-haw! Oddly though, it's imagining sinking my teeth into those biscuits that's really making me salivate - they look like a bigger version of sausage balls without the sausage... all gooey and bacon-y and warm. Yummmmm - please don't disappoint me biscuits... I'm really liking the concept of flavored biscuits. I'd never had anything other than a plain jane biscuit before, and in truth, I wasn't fond... dry, crumbly, a little sour... and then when I started going through all the recipes I collected over the years, deciding which ones to write in my notebook, I came across orange-rosemary biscuits (yummy) and lemon-chive biscuits (even yummier). And now these bacon-cheddar biscuits. Color me pleased.

The whole 'one soda a day' thing is getting easier now. I actually look forward to the water when I'm at home because I get to choose different flavorings (several different Crystal Light packets or True Lime). Sometimes I even crave it plain. For some reason I want the soda when I'm at work, but it's pretty easy to stick to because I only bring one soda with me, and I never carry cash, so I can't go downstairs and get one from the machine.

I'm still losing weight, but it's not dropping off as fast as I'd like, more like a pound, or less, a week. It's disheartening. A friend told me that since I'm working out, I'm building muscle, it weighs more... yada yada yada. I've told myself the same story a thousand times; I'm not sure I believe it anymore. I wonder if there's really something to mind over matter, like I'm not losing weight because I don't believe I can lose weight. But that would be silly, right?

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