068 - Owee

Ouch. I think even my eyelids are sunburnt. So much for sunscreen -- I even reapplied it a couple of times! SPF 50 for chrissakes! I'm just really, really white and I need to come to terms with the fact that I'm going to burn no matter what I do, and instead of wearing shorts and a tank top I should jjust wear more clothes. And a hat.

Sunburn aside, I had a blast on the boat. We went slow, we went fast, we fished, we talked and laughed and danced and ate. I caught two catfish (or one catfish twice... it seriously looked like the same exact fish)... and then we threw them back. I guess I have to admit that I didn't understand that part so much... why catch them if you're not going to keep them? You sacrified a shrimp, you hooked the fish (and having a pierced nose, I can relate to how that feels) and then you don't even keep it? Well... they were kinda small. So anyway, between us we caught four catfish, a flounder and a lady fish.

I found that fishing is a little like gambling... it's addictive... each time you cast the line you think "This is going to be the one - this time I'm going to catch a fish - not just any fish but the biggest, baddest fish in the whole ship channel!" It's not as relaxing for me as I would have thought, because of that voice that, constantly there, telling me that I had to catch something. I get competitive sometimes. Not in-your-face competitive but internally competitive. (play cards with me though, and I'll talk some smack)

Man there are some big boats out there.... barges as long as a city street... ships so high they look like skyscrapers (and watch out for that wake, holy cow -- thank God there was a little manmade rock island between us or we would have gone on quite a ride). I know it would probably get boring on a ship after a while, but at first glance, being on the water all day, every day definitely has its appeal. Then I thought about pirates, and being so far from home, and being out there on the ocean with no one around you, and storms with giant waves... I love being on the water, but maybe only recreationally.

Sunburns really take it out of you... I came home and I was completely wiped out. This morning I got out of bed and I've been walking around the house like an old woman ever since... gingerly leaning back against the back of the sofa... and I'm really dreading the shower this morning. My back is about the color of the red part of a Pepsi can, so are parts of my face and some areas behind my knees. Mom and dad cancelled lunch, and I have to say... it didn't upset me... I am content to wallow alone with my own misery.

It was fun, but I definitely paid a price! When are we gonna do it again???  =)

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