283 - Hot as Hades

I hate summertime. I know people who look forward to it (I call them 'the crazy people') but I don't. The thermometer in my car has been registering triple digits for a couple of weeks now. Temperatures should be no higher than two digits in length and not exceed 82. Period. I think if I put something on the grill, and didn't even light a fire under it, it would cook anyway. Because it's hot. I can literally feel my skin burning if I open my sunroof. It's not a good feeling.

Just so we're clear. It's hot.

Since we're talking about hell. I've figured something out:

This is hell. We're already here. We've all been very, very bad, and we have been put in this place to redeem ourselves. If we learn our lessons and make our atonements, we may leave this place and move up a level, or if we don't... further down we go... until we share a suite with Hitler.

That's my theory. Otherwise, life wouldn't be so frickin' hard for everyone!

Just sayin'.


  1. Hahaha! I don't like it when it's this hot, either. I would be very happy in a place that was "chilly" all the time. Anything over 70, my AC goes on and I could sit in it ALL damn day!

  2. I hate summer. Me feel big idiot when come out of sun. Think why I move south?

  3. I hate to sweat! It's not something I do politely or quietly.

  4. I agree with all you have said. I hate the heat. Unless a pool or an ocean is involved, it should never go above 80 degrees.
    Then why are we in Texax? Oh yeah, right, because we have to work...
    I love the way you alluded to the fact that our own sins have caused our hell on earth.

  5. My wife and I were thinking about moving to Austin.... Is it that hot there too?