283 - Free Software and Camera from Office Depot & A Talented Kid

If you're interested check out the deal here. I did it a slightly different way. If you go to EVReward.com there are cameras you get for free after $75 in purchases rather than $100. And I used Bing to get 7% cash back rather than 2%. Good deal!

Also, I'm a little late to the party, but oh my GOD is this kid talented! The emotion in his voice is amazing. I would seriously buy a record if he puts one out.

I know it's silly to compare him to Robert Pattinson... but if you've heard Let Me Sign... it's amazing. Don't scoff. Part of it is seeing the scene in Twilight that it's a part of, but the emotion in the song is just... ahhhh... So anyway, this kid's voice gets to me. That's all I'm trying to say.


  1. Saw him on TV the other day and thought he was awesome! Very moving voice.

  2. I saw this on the news...the kid has a great future ahead of him if he is willing to pursue it.

  3. Ellen's already got him signed to Interscope Records....

  4. He does a great job with the song.

  5. My wife showed me the clip from Ellen when it first aired. Lady Gaga called him and he got so excited...I don't blame him. Haha

    Dude's got talent. He's already more talented than that Beiber thing I see all over the place. I mean, at least he plays an instrument.