292 - Random Facts Re: Moi

Here are some random facts about me:

Mosquito sprayer trucks... terrify me. I don't know what it is about that sound, but I hear it, and I pretty much try to insinuate myself as deeply under the covers as possible and become inconspicuous. It's like I think they're alive... and have super sensitive hearing... because I try not to move... because moving makes sound. Even when you do it really slowly. Breathing also makes noise. So I sometimes stop doing that, too... just until they're out of range... I remember as a kid, playing outside in the summer months, and as night fell, the mosquito trucks would come and I'd have to skitter for the safety of the house. The smell... blech! If that happened to me today I don't know if I could move. I know. That's silly. It's completely ridiculous!... It's no less true.

I can watch Baby Boom, Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Look Who's Talking, and Maid to Order over and over and over again and not be bored by the fact that I've probably seen each of them upwards of 20 times. In fact, as I type this, Baby Boom is on cable, and I'm watching it. There's nothing more interesting. Bear? I'd DVR him. Baby Boom is on. Are they great cinema? No. But they're simple to watch and on some level they appeal to me. I love it when JC Wyatt moves to the country. I love the dancing in GJWTHF. I love the humor and the adorable kid in LWT... I'm not quite sure what I love so much about MTO... maybe it's the 'Schoop-Schoop' song. *shrug*

I wrap my bacon slices individually. I know I've revealed this before and it caused great controversy. *mean look* For me, it makes perfect sense. I'm a single girl... and despite how it may look -- I don't (often) eat whole packages of bacon. (by the way, I'm finally into the next size down! but the scale still taunts me) So I wrap a slice or two in aluminum foil and stick it in the freezer. If I want bacon, I grab what I need and the rest is safe as houses in the freezer.

If you thought the great bacon controversy was bad... I wash my hair in the kitchen sink. Go ahead. Scoff. I take a bath at night. If I washed my hair at night and slept on it... it would scare people. Hell, I've seen girls who can wear a ponytail all day and they're hair is stick straight when they take the rubber band out. Me? If I wear it for five minutes, my hair is bendy and uncooperative. Imagine 8 hours of my hair on a pillow! So, each morning, I lean my head over the kitchen sink and wash my hair. I even installed a faucet that sits up higher so I can do it more comfortably. That, and it makes washing lettuce a hell of a lot easier.

I type without looking at the keys. I'm doing it now. Sometimes I can talk and type at the same time. It freaks people out. When I really get going on a numberpad, people have actually come from across the room to watch. I don't know why it's so amazing, but it is. So I'm added it to my random facts. Don't like it? Write your own random facts! Pthbbb.

Um... I guess that's it for now. I'm random facted out... it's sleepy time. First thing this morning when I woke up, I promised myself I'd take a nap when I got home (yeah... it really started out as that kind of day) and that didn't happen, so I'm zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz... See you on the flip side!


  1. When I was young, kids used to run in the fog, behind the mosquito sprayer. You can bet that added to some lost brain cells and alterations of DNA!

    I love Baby Boom! Haven't seen the others, in years.

    Toss out those scales, it's just a number and you look great!

  2. My whole life I've been using a keyboard. I took a typing class in the 7th grade. Yet only now am I starting to type without looking at the keyboard.

  3. 1. I have never seen the sprayer trucks here. Maybe they only go in the more open areas.

    2. I have never even HEARD of any of the shows you mention, just shows how out of touch I am, right?

    3. Mmmmmm....bacon...

    4. When I was a kid, my mom and sisters always washed their hair in the sink. The Daughter does it today. When I was a kid, I used to wash my hair OUTSIDE using the garden hose to rinse.

    5. I learned to type in 1973 on an old manual typewriter, and to this day I can easily type by touch.

    6. Ha! I LOVE naps!

  4. Ms. A - Yeah, that probably explains some of my co-workers.

    TS - You kids these days...

    Joe - I'm just laughing at you outside with the garden hose washing your hair...

  5. The Mosquito sprayer trucks I do remember as a kid and yes you could hear them coming down the road early enough to get inside, the funniest one I remember is a neighbor sitting drunk on his front steps when the truck came down the road, jumped up and ran for his door only to find it locked just as the fog reached him, rather than go around the house to the side door he just sat there until the fog was gone then went to the other door---never figured that one out Ha Ha

  6. Oh I can do the key thing too. I don't think I have ever seen a Mosquito sprayer truck but am willing to trust you that they are freaky.

    Kate xx