293 - Tar

They're reroofing my building at work. Still working their way around site and repairing damage from Ike...

Let me just say... you never adjust to the smell of tar... It stinks. Plain and simple. And being on the top floor, right next to a window doesn't make it any more pleasant...

So just a few minutes ago the smell was overwhelming. I wanted to stop breathing rather than inhale that putrid stench any longer... it actually sort of burned my lungs a little.

Then, in the midst of it all, I looked up and saw my savior... a giant grey rainy looking cloud. Rain = no roofers. No roofers = no tar.

Unfortunately, I realized it probably wasn't a rain cloud after all. It was just an innocent white cloud that hovered over our building a little too long and turned grey from all the tar.


Hey, it was a really cool week on the blogosphere! First Missy Kimmy dropped by, and now Kate is back to blogging! I like those gals so I just wanted to throw that out there. Now if Kato will pop in we'll come full circle!

Tomorrow is my birthday (and Laura's... please keep your fingers crossed for her... she has the worst luck on her birthday), so I probably won't blog. I'll be busy doing party prep. I love throwing parties, but dang they wear me out... gotta put stuff away, gotta get the cat hair off the floor, gotta clean the guest bath, gotta make the guest bed, gotta make the food, gotta put together a playlist, gotta, gotta, gotta. But then... come party time... I get to relax and enjoy being with my friends. So it's worth it in the end... I think. ;P


  1. Happy Birthday, Miss K!
    Yayyy have a great one.
    Now I have to get you a present.

  2. Aint no tar smell in my office!! C'mon over!

    Hope you have a wonderful B-day and the party is awesome. Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. *cough, choke! Can't even imagine sitting there having to breathe that in! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMORROW!"

  4. Happy happy birthday. I hope you have an excellent day!

    I've gotten a lot of weird looks for this, but I actually like the smell of tar. Every summer my grandfather would re-tar his driveway. It's hooked into my childhood.

  5. Joe - Thank you! Just keep readin' the blog and making great comments and that's present enough =)

    Greg - I left at 3... all that tar gave me fever... cabin fever...

    TS - Thank you!... weirdo, lol

    Ms. A - You got that right, and THANKS!

  6. Happy Birthday Kristy!!!

    Pray for no rain clouds because that will just keep them around longer, but I can see where a break would be nice.

  7. Happy Birthday. I made you a cake but somebody that looks like me ate it.

    P.S. I don't have a twin.