282 - The 7th Sense

A sense of accomplishment!

I accomplished pretty much everything I set out to do this weekend, and it was a pret-ty long list. Most important on the list was to revive my weekly walks with a friend, I'm determined to stop being such a hermit. We're both busier than we used to be, so it's just one day, but it's good to get out of the house and have girl talk and exercise all at the same time. I'm still going to exercise the rest of the week, but it's nice to switch things up.

I didn't do anything 'exciting' this weekend. I even passed up a boat ride. I am just now getting rid of the sunburn from Florida and I've been concerned about the number of burns I've gotten lately... but honestly, the boat was going to be full too... and I like a smaller crowd on boats. I'm a simple gal I guess. At home I can have a house full and be happy, because I love to entertain, but in a boat, space is limited. But... I did have dinner with a friend, and this afternoon I did my walk. I even chatted with a few people online. So I feel like I was social enough. Summer is coming and I know that means more things going on. Or it usually does.

In July I'm taking a roadtrip to Dallas to see Joan Jett! Yes THE JOAN JETT! I love Joan Jett. I Love Rock and Roll was the first album I ever bought -- and it was actually an album. I was even a member of her fan club. Guess I still am, I never cancelled. ;p Going with a couple of friends from high school... or actually one is my best friend from junior high. I try to keep my friendships alive if I can, and I'm lucky to have several long-term friendships. I think it's cool. After all, my best friend is my cousin, and we've known each other all our lives. That's as good as it gets.

Just came back from the garden... I have LOADS of tomatoes. Kristy is a happy girl. I've had tomatoes with every meal for the last two weeks. Slice them in half and grind some salt over them... YUM. That's all it takes, nothing better than a vine-ripened tomato... Oh lordy. I need a moment... The rest of the garden is a bit of a disappointment. I don't even look at the strawberry plant anymore... The lettuce was doing pretty well, then it started to bolt (fancy gardening term for 'going to seed') so I cut it back and I'm waiting to see if it leafs out again. I still have some lettuce in the fridge though, so I call it a success. I wish I had more land... I don't have enough room to have a proper garden. I think that blackberry I planted has sprouted. Or maybe it's a weed. It's so hard to tell at first...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. Wow, you are lucky with tomatoes...I never have any luck with them in Texas. Tomatoes and salt...yum.
    I didn't know Joan Jett was still around, but hell, I am surprised that Aerosmith is still around too.

  2. Joe - This year my tomatoes seem to love me. And the feeling is mutual. =)

    Ms. A - Deal.

  3. The family and I had one hell of a spring cleaning around the house so I feel you on the sense of accomplishment.

    No Strawberries! I am disappointed. Though my wife would die for some tomatoes. =)

  4. Oh man you're so lucky to have tomatoes! My mom is getting the worst possible luck in her garden..especially with the tomatoes..enjoy them :)

  5. TS - I would send some your way, but... they'd be goo by the time you saw them...

    Jerry - Feels good doesn't it? I'm disappointed too... I had three strawberries. THE THING got to them all.

    Sarah - Well hello sunshine! I've been extra nice to the tomatoes this year. I pet them and say flattering things. And then I eat them. I think my next boyfriend should be wary. ;)

  6. Are you going to go see 'The Runaways'? I don't really like Kristen Stewart, but I think she was perfectly cast as Joan Jett....