280 - Eenie Meenie Minee Moe

Know what? If you had ever told me, "Kristy... you've got to watch this show, it's called River Monsters -- you're gonna love it!" I would have told you to take a flying leap. I don't give a fig about a fishing show.
Okay, not really. But I would have scoffed. After you left. Because I'm somewhat passive-aggressive and conflict makes me nervous. I know. I'm a mess. A hot mess.

Know what else? It's really very interesting. And it's not really about fishing. I'm hooked (ha! a fishing pun!). It's on my DVR To Do list now. I even deleted something off my DVR list to make it so. That's what I get for being closed-minded and assuming I can watch it while I try to fall asleep because it won't be the least bit interesting.

So... ummm... why didn't anyone tell me??? And HELLO, why didn't anyone tell me that Bear has another show? Worst Case Scenario. Also on my DVR. Where I'm going to find time to watch all this crap and still have a social life is beyond me.

I'll miss my friends...

Hmmm... ummm... let's see-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eee-eh... (too much Gaga... can I just go on and admit that I'm an addict so I can start to get well again?)... I went to the doc yesterday. She ordered some tests... thyroid... T3... T4... CBC. Nursey said I can call on Friday to see if the results are back. If you hear a scream you'll know they were normal. However, if you suddenly hear happy music, assume I'm dancing my way to the pharmacy and some size 9 jeans. All the doo-dah day baby!

That aside, I got back on the treadmill yesterday. After a 3 week haitus I am exercising again. Damn doctor scale claims I weigh 2 lbs more than my now-more-appreciated home scale. So I'm trying the Couch to 5k plan. Wasn't so bad. I want to run, I just hate doing it. That kind of paradox happens to me a lot more than you'd think. And hey -- I'm actually in better cardiovascular shape than I thought. Tonight I did Gilad. *giggle* No Arthur on today's show though... sigh... Will do the treadmill again tomorrow, and so on. If nothing else maybe I can at least maintain my friggin' weight until I can afford lipo.

And here's some NASA humor for you, because I know you only love me because I work for NASA. ;) As most of you may know, when astronauts urinate (outside of the diapers), that urine is then recycled into drinking water. I know. Kinda gross when you think about it. So don't think about it. Especially if you're taking a sip from the drinking fountains at work... cuz it may or may not be the same thing... they are found just outside the restrooms... that's all I'm sayin'... you draw your own conclusions. So this video is based on the research that led up to that technology:

Yep. Ew.

To take your minds off that, consider this: Running through the sprinkler is not only fun... mosquitos don't seem to like it much!


  1. We already knew you were a 'hot mess'.
    I don't know where you get these terms.
    Must be the writer in you.
    I have been trying to tell you for YEARS to watch River Monsters! How soon we forget?

  2. I'm still gagging over the mere thought of that video. I just ate and if I lose my dinner, you are so dead!

  3. Joe - I'm hip to the slang man...

    Ms. A - Locking... doors... now...

  4. I had a dog once who drank his own piss. Little did I know the mutt coulda been an astronaut!

    I hope your tests come back OK. :)

  5. AHHHHHH!!!!! He drank pee!

    Someone sent me this the other day about how astronauts train to pee in space....


    You might or might not find it interesting....

  6. I was just watching Worst Case Scenario today and actually had the thought 'I wonder if Kristy knows he has a new show?' Also I love river monsters! That show is awesome.

  7. That video was hilarious. I somehow knew about the urine to water thing. I thought there was going to be a clip about that non
    fishing show.

  8. Ewwwww on the urine thing! Don't drink from those water fountains at your workplace!! I hope your tests are going to come back perfect and you GO girl on that exercise!!:D

  9. Oh I love that Worst Case Scenario show. I got to remember to set the DVR to record. I forgot to watch the last two.