310 - A day of silliness and an update

Yesterday I wore this t-shirt. Even though it is pink.

And then I got a brilliant idea. Happened in the bathroom, from whence all my brilliant ideas seem to originate.

I walked into my co-workers office, made a magnet sound, and acted as if I couldn't control my legs as I made my way over toward him, attaching myself to his shoulder. He gave me a WTF? look, and I backed off, proudly displaying my t-shirt. He laughed.

Later he came into my office (drawn, no doubt, by the t-shirt) and asked if it took two dorks to make the magnet work. "Alas, no," I told him. "If I too were a dork, we would repel each other like two positive poles of a magnet." He seemed satisfied by my answer.

Proving indubitably that he is, in fact, a dork.

I tried this gag thrice more throughout the day and was quite pleased with the outcome. A good time was had by all.

Things with Bob are still wonderful. Don't get me wrong, they haven't been perfect, because no relationship is, but what I've found is that we have the ability to compromise and muddle our way through the rough patches. And the rough patches are pretty rare. Having been friends first has really helped a lot, because I knew who he was before we started dating... he's not for everyone, he's complicated. But I'm not for everyone either... I'm complicated. So we work.

I've met most of his family by now, and I love them, his son actually ran up and hugged me last time we visited (he just turned ten). Bob, Jr. is one cool kid, very easy to get along with, likes to read, smart as a whip. What I am really happy about, is that I really and truly like everyone, I don't just have to 'put up with' them, so makes life a hell of a lot easier. I always wanted a big family, and by God I am getting that! At some point in the near future we'll be introducing our families to each other. AND my friends Brian and Laura are coming here for Thanksgiving, so I'm excited that we'll all get to hang out, because they're family to me too and I am glad they'll get to meet each other.

Mom cracked me up because she said she had this image of the scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, where the guy's parents walk into this house full of gregarious Greeks and feel a little overwhelmed. She even put her hands in her lap and made that face. I told her 'no, no, no... you'll be fine...' But on the inside I was laughing, because I know how my parents are, and it's very likely that they will feel a little overwhelmed. I get my social anxiety from my mom, but I think she'll be fine if we start small.

Anyway, Bob and I have spent enough time together that most of the warts have shown themselves by now, on both sides, and I am still batshit crazy in love with this man. :)


  1. Hey Kristy, I am proud to see everything is going so well, Thanksgiving is going to be a blast and you are right about being friends first making the relationship work better, that's how Cindy and I started.

    The T-shirt gag, now that's some funny stuff, and it appears it actually worked by pointing out at least one :)

  2. That's awesome that things are going so well. I love the t-shirt. That is pretty darn funny.

  3. Yeah, really looking forward to this Thanksgiving. It's usually just my parents and me, and maybe one or two others. This year all that food will be JUSTIFIED.

  4. TS - I know, right? And the thing is, when I first bought it, I didn't even realize all the possibilities!

  5. The T-shirt is great!
    Friends first, ALWAYS...
    great post!

  6. Definitely friends and family. That's another thing I love about Bob, he feels the same way.

  7. Kristy I'm really so happy for you! The fact that his son loves you too is amazing and it must take a weight off your shoulders, because you never know, right? I would've loved to see those people's faces at your workplace when you wore the t-shirt--it would've been hilarious!

    I gotta ask..when's the wedding going to take place?!? I'd love to visit Texas..:D:D:D:D (there's a small hint in there about me wanting to get invited when the day will come)

  8. hahaha, barely noticed the hint. I really don't know when yet. We're going to have a small wedding, BUT we want to have a reception, something fun, relaxed, with LOTS of people. You would be invited to that for sure! :)

  9. I love that shirt and I love what you did with it!!!!

    I am so happy things are going well and you are in love :-)

  10. I love the shirt, and I need to get me one.
    Now, when you get married, you should have the wedding, reception, or part of the honeymoon about 250 miles north of where you live, so I meet you both and give you my blessing.

  11. I'm so glad people still love me even though I hardly blog anymore... *warm fuzzies*

    TGNDGU - I'm sad that I didn't think of it the first time I wore it (which was to Bob's birthday party... dang... missed opportunities)

    Joe - It could happen in Austin, you never know... not that that helps you much, it's still about a 3-4 hour trip. But it would be awesome to meet you, and maybe we'd get a jam session started... lord knows I have enough musically inclined friends. And hey - Sarah can play the piano for us! This is getting better and better and I'm not even getting married yet!

  12. When I got married, we had my bachleor party in the woods in Big Bear, California, in an isolated cabin. My buds and I had a jam session. And guess what..we got busted by a park ranger for noise!! He says that if we were any GOOD, there would not have been any complaints!

  13. LOL, he did NOT say that. I've heard your music and if he didn't like it, he has no taste!

  14. LOL on Joe's comment! And I will be at that reception for sure :D (PS: I'm not good with hints)