313 - A box

One of my co-workers mentioned that she has purloined a large box and is planning to modify it into a playpen for her granddaughter. I told her, "You go girl -- you can't prepare kids for the future too soon in this economy!"


  1. Have to share. I posted it on FB, and the comments are pretty funny:

    MM - I plan on becoming a real estate developer. Appliance container condos. Of course the refrigerator box floor plan will cost a bit more than the washer or dryer. More square inches of living space don'tchyaknow!

    Me - LOL, you could make a washer/dryer condo, and if you put an igloo next to it to catch the rainwater -- you have a water view and you can charge EXTRA!!!

    TS - Hahahahahahaha!! Ya'll are too funny!!

    MLB - Oh... and that's not a hole in the roof, it's a skylight... which costs extra too!

    MM - I needed this thread. ;)

    TS - ‎...and if you place it next to the hose, you have a private, outdoor shower...extra $$$

    MLB - potted plant = garden shower... like they have in Thailand... I'm just sayin.

    Me - LOL, if you make it collapsible... oh wait, then it's a mobile home and the value goes down immediately... May as well sell the tornado with it and call it air conditioning.

  2. LMAO just don't place it too near the hose because wet cardboard just don't sleep well.

  3. Jimmy - hahaha, so we should waterproof them? Good idea!

    Sarah - They just come to me :)

  4. Helloooooooo, Stranger!!! 'Bout time for another Cracker Barrel visit.

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  8. Hi Raquel, welcome to the circus :)