309 - Drimmels Don't Go There

I should just retitle my blog... All I blog about are my teeth...

Today he used the drimmel again. But this time he did minor gum surgery. At first I thought it was accidental... because he apologized... but then he added an addendum to his apology, "There was really no other way to get at that part of the tooth." So what you're saying is that you weren't sorry you sadistic maniac! You did it on purpose!

I hate new brace tray day. It always hurts. It especially hurts the Nanny McPhee tooth... the tooth they have dragged way the hell out front for some inexplicable reason. The tooth that bumps against my top tooth because they didn't drag the top tooth out too. Makes eating a big lot of fun. Makes having my trays out kinda risky... one good chomp when I'm not thinking, and I'm pretty sure I will knock Nanny McPhee right out of my mouth.

Grrrr. I get cranky when my teeth hurt!!!

But... I'm on tray seven. There are eight trays to a box. There are two boxes. I think that means I'm one tray away from being halfway done. Three weeks a tray... carry the one... that's twenty-seven weeks or six'ish months? Although as the treatment gets more aggressive... as it seems to be doing... we might go to four weeks per tray. Still... there's a light at the end of the tunnel... and I don't hear a horn... so I guess it's all good.


  1. You can do it Kristy, hang in there! Think of the AWESOME smile you're going to have after this whole thing (and the fact that you won't have to ever see that sadistic orthodontist of yours ;)

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