311 - It's just one of those days

There’s no audio, only words, but wow... what words they are (I give this an R rating):

So after I read it, I looked at the ‘tags’ at the bottom of the story and I could already hear the commercial in my head:

“If things have progressed beyond that ‘not-so-fresh’ stage… you may have a condition known as HVO.”


Also, my company is apparently trying to bribe us to do our performance appraisals by giving us a piece of bubble gum. So my admin goes, "Here's your gum." She pauses. "Oh, you can't chew gum." (because I have braces) Another pause. "Well... can you suck it?" (and somehow the words "suck it" seem emphasized)

My bad luck, a co-worker, with a mind every bit as diry as mine, is standing next to me and immediately looks over with his patented 'I can't wait to hear the answer to THIS one' smirk... So now I'm afraid to walk through the hi-bay because I have a pretty good idea what's in store for me there...


  1. She actually asked if you could suck it?! I mean even if you don't ascribe the dirty or insulting innuendo, she's still asking if you can suck on a piece of gum. What the heck? lol

  2. I know... out of left field! And she's not one of those people who is always spouting off innuendo, so it's even funnier. Kinda like when my Mormon boss was talking about conference calls and said I probably knew how to do a 3-way... they just don't know what they're saying...

  3. Our company makes us fill out 'anonymous' surveys on line...I always decline.
    Hey, Miss K, get that thar' shuttle off the ground Monday, ya hear??

  4. They pushed it out to no earlier than Nov 30th. :(

  5. "Well...can you suck it?" hmmmmm not sure what you are asking since gum is not for sucking and exactly what does this have to do with our performance appraisals?

  6. Oh wow I read the link you posted and I've got to admit you don't hear that line very often (or read it very often ;) !

  7. Jimmy - Hmmm... wonder if there IS a coorelation...?

    Sarah - And thank God for that, right?