308 - An Observation

So I get an email from Borders and I see a neat looking book cover... I feel that little spark of excitement -- because honestly... I do (first) judge a book by its cover. I'm intrigued. I click on it:

"Description: Told in three voices and punctuated by news articles chronicling the family's story, "Fallout" is the stunning conclusion to the trilogy begun in "Crank" and "Glass.""

Um. Okay.

I'm still a little interested, but irritated that there's nothing of substance in the description. So I look up Crank, to find out what the F the series is really about, since it's the first in the trilogy maybe their more generous with their info... Aaaaand this is what they tell me:

"Description: Ellen Hopkins' bestselling CRANK in hardcover for the first time"

Mmm-hmmm. Well... thanks for clearing that up. Seriously, I'm no longer interested. I've already had to do too much work. Now I'm just going to hop back to B&N as usual... and you can go screw yourselves.

Maybe I'm just cranky cuz I had my wisdom teeth removed last week and they're still healing. That, and the cold I contracted two weeks ago refuses to completely go away. Eating, between the braces having moved my teeth out of alignment, and the gaping holes in my jaw where my teeth used to be... is not the enjoyable experience it once was. But it's getting better. And the removal itself, despite my fears, really wasn't that bad. One minute the surgeon and I are are discussing where I went to high school, then I feel a warm liquid flowing into my vein, and before I can think another thought... I wake up and move to another room where I sit for about 10 mins before they release me to Bob. I was even cognizant enough to be able to tell Bob how to get home (he kind of remembers his way around so it wouldn't have been a tragedy, just might have taken longer). And by 'tell' him, I don't mean that I was a backseat driver, I just told him where to turn and warned him about the red light camera. :)

So it's done now. And I do feel a little dumber. ;p

Couple of days ago I sneezed for the first time since the surgery... and I never want that to happen again until I'm healed... I'd read in the literature that after the tooth is pulled, a blood clot forms. And this blood clot is a precious, precious thing. We don't want to dislodge it. So no smoking (no problem), no sucking through a straw, no spitting for the first 24 hours, and no soda for 48 (booooo)... Because.... I guess aside from making the bleeding stop, the clot also prevents air from contacting the now-exposed jawbone. Air on the bone = dry socket and we don't want that. We sooooooooooooooo don't want that. So when I sneezed... it felt like I dislodged something. And I freaked because I thought it might have been the blood clot. Turns out it was... chicken... I was still eating dinner and I hadn't rinsed my mouth yet. Things tend to become lodged in my top sockets despite my best efforts... in fact, I've come to think of those sockets as little Pez dispensers in my mouth... because my mind is warped and I think goofy little thoughts like that all damn day long... Anyway, it's a good thing my allergies aren't going crazy right now... that's all I can say.

Sorry it's so long between posts... seems to be catching, I notice a lot of us are slowing down. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Pez sockets... that's... really kind of gross. lol

    That's the least helpful description for a book possible. I suspect it was bestselling because people were curious to find if the pages were blank.

  2. Oh man, poor you with the wisdom teeth! The trick is to not cough either (I popped a suture or two that way). I'm glad you're on the mend and that Bob is still there!!:D It's true that life seems to be ctahcing up on all of us, since we spend forever to write posts down! I'm really happy to get news from you.

  3. TS - Wouldn't that be the best book scam ever? "The book you write yourself!" bwahahaha... suckers...

    Sarah - I've been coughing, but it hasn't affected anything (thankfully), I caught a cold the week before the surgery and thought I'd be over it in time... I wasn't... but I could breathe and the coughing and fever had subsided. I'm a little surprised they still did it to be honest...

  4. That's why I like bookstores. I want to see the book and read it a bit, before I buy. I just recieved a Kindle as a gift, so I guess that's all gonna change. I don't usually use a comment as plug for my blog, but I have an interesting little story about my wisdom teeth here. http://patricktillett.blogspot.com/2010/04/wisdom-teeth-but-no-wisdom.html

  5. So glad to see you Kristy, and also glad that was chicken when you sneezed, I know that didn't feel too good.

    I would be like you, if it is that hard to get the info on a book then I'm off to another one figuring this one wasn't worth it.

  6. When I came out of anesthisa, I found that you actually ARE cognitive and aware of things, but you just don't REMEMBER things later. My bride was driving me home, and she says that I told "hey I could drive no problem" and I was even engaged in coherant conversation...but all I remember is one minute I was in the chair, and the next moment I was home on the couch.

  7. Patrick - I have a hard time with ebooks (I've ranted about them before, hahaha)... I still love books, but it's okay for other people to like ebooks. :) I usually only buy online if it's from an author I'm familiar with, right now Laurell K Hamilton's two series are an obsession... And since there are soooooooo many for me to catch up on, I've been doing a lot more online buying lately. But I will check a few out if the covers catch my interest.

    Jimmy - I'm glad it was chicken too, but it was still disconcerting!!!

    Joe - I actually remember it all. I don't think I could have driven though... Walking was a little tricky at first, but I came out of it pretty quick. It was just WEIRD to have time disappear and not feel groggy when I woke up (or have a hangover, hahaha).