301 - Lame... a blog-rant about how my parents suck

So I figured out why I am the queen of lame excuses. The "I don't feel well"s and the "I'm too tired"s and the "Maybe next time"s. It all comes from my parents.

I can't tell you how disappointed I am in them right now.

I gave them ample notice that we were going to the gun range, but they couldn't be bothered to pull their heads out of their asses and show up.

Saturday I call them to let them know we're headed to lunch and give them and ETA on the gun range. Dad says to let him know well ahead of time when we're headed that way. Didn't I just do that? I basically let him know, through simple math, that in about an hour, we were headed to the range.

Less than a minute later I get a phone call. Mom. And she's coming at me with THE PANIC. "Krit?!? I don't think we're gonna be able to make it to the gun range at 12:30... we're in Texas City... blah-blah Uncle Robert... blah-blah shoes... blah-blah (repeat with variations until you run out of breath)." I feel my butt clenching. Well, we're going to go ahead and be there at 1 (as planned), you just get there when you get there. "I can't hear you." I repeat myself. "I'm... J... I can't understand her... Here Krit... talk to your daddy." I repeat it to dad. He says okay. I bury my face in Bob's shoulder and whine. He says tells me it's okay... he'll get out of the way if he sees the gun heading in my mom's direction. Smart boy.

After lunch I call to tell them we're now on our way to a store to get hearing protection and we'll probably be at the gun range around 1:15... Cool right? They're running behind... we're running behind... Dad says, "Listen... uh... we're not going to make it this time... we just sat down to eat and they haven't brought our food to us yet, and I still have to go to the house, so we wouldn't be able to make it in time. But listen -- you guys maybe want to watch a movie later?"


I was pissed. They bugged me and bugged me and bugged me to meet the asshole I dated a few years ago. A guy that even during our best moments I never liked as much as I like Bob (and he never treated me even 1/100th as well... well, most of you read the 'fuck you' letter already so you know). Here's Bob, actually willing to meet them, and they can't get their shit together. So I had a few thoughts on how they might have done better:

Suggestion 1: If you know you're meeting someone at 1 pm. Don't go way the hell out of the area to do your non-emergency shopping. And don't pretend it's an emergency when it isn't. They're shoes. In fact, maybe you could shop another day. Or here's a third possibility... go shopping after you go to the gun range. You bitch about other people being inconsiderate? Hello pot. Meet the frickin' kettle in the mirror.

Suggestion 2: If you're running behind, don't go to a sit-down restaurant... grab a fucking hamburger. You still get to eat, but it's quicker. It's kind of the considerate thing to do, since we made plans and all. You don't actually have OCD, so you can be a little flexible sometimes.

Suggestion 3: If you're deadset on running errands, stick the damn guns in the trunk... like we did.

Suggestion 4: If you're going to offer lame excuses, don't come back with a different lame excuse later on. It makes me irritable.

On Sunday I show them the target and ask if they want to guess what I was thinking about when I was shooting at it. Mom says, "I just couldn't do it, it's too hot outside and I just couldn't do it." Interesting. That wasn't your original excuse... soooooo maybe you intentionally lolligagged so you couldn't make it and you think I won't put that together... well I've done that before, so now that you mention it... I recognize it. Plus, it's one of your MO's, that and "I don't feel good." Apple don't fall far from the tree, and now I see it for what it is. Then she says, "And your daddy wanted to go, but he was afraid he would be the odd man out." Alrighty. He knows me. He knows Sue Beth. Rusty has never met a stranger. Bob is a great guy, one that he wants to meet. Aaaaaaaaand shooting's kind of a solo sport that you like doing and pester me all the time about. What. The. Hell. ?.

Maybe I'm being too hard on them. I don't know. Am I? I feel like they let me down, like they aren't taking this seriously. Worse, if Bob was supposed to have met up with us, and he offered up those same excuses, mom would take it as a slight and never, ever, ever forget it (I'm not kidding, she's still holding a grudge over a passing comment one of my friends made FIFTEEN YEARS AGO). On the other hand, I've met 90% of Bob's family now. Met his mom, his son, and a few cousins on Friday. (and by the way, they like me... squee!) His son is a cool kid. Came up and started telling me about the bearded dragon in the hallway and then showing us random facts in this book he got. Then he'd pop his head in from time to time just to see what was happening.

I told Bob I was going to rip my parent's a new one, and he said, "There's always next weekend." Kinda deflated my anger bubble... But I'm not feeling charitable toward them. They blew it, so I'm not going out of my way for their benefit. If Bob wants to push the issue I'll do it, but otherwise... (sorry Ms. A), fuck 'em.

I apologize if I'm a little wound up at the moment, my teeth hurt something fierce and it's making me very, very cranky. I almost took out half the drivers on the bypass on my way home because I wanted them to get the hell out of my damn way (according to my friend anyway). New tray today, so pretty much every tooth in my mouth hurts except for one canine and my wisdom teeth. I took a Motrin, but it hasn't quite dulled the pain... Not looking forward to taking them out tomorrow. It's always worst after I've slept in them the first night... feels like I'm about to rip some teeth out, and putting them back on feels pretty rotten too. I hope it's worth it when I'm done, cuz right now I'm not so sure...


  1. Sounds like you and Bob are doing well, I'm glad to see it working out for you both and that the family likes you is a positive that is so cool.

    Now about your parents I am not sure where they are coming from and I don't blame you for being pissed but keep in mind to not lower yourself to a level you don't want to be at, you know the spill about being the bigger person and all of that good stuff so I wont go over it all, just continue enjoying your time with Bob and if they choose to delay meeting him then it's their loss not yours.

  2. Maybe they've decided to join the "gun control" crowd and don't know how to tell you! It sounds like you are doing well overall, just enjoy things...

  3. Oh yeah, you can tell by my little photo attached to his comment, that I am not a member of that group...

  4. I can sympathize on both sides. I'm more like your mom... I need tons of notice and planning. It's usually me that's trying to coordinate my family and figuring out which time and day and hour work best for the majority. (and I balk at anything done outside during the summer) I'm just thrilled he's the kind of guy you want them to meet. If he's a keeper, there will be a next time. I recommend doing something indoors, so your mom doesn't have to sweat the heat.

    Sure glad things are going so well!

  5. Wow, maybe Pat is right...and they are too afraid to tell you...That would NOT rock.

  6. Hmm. I think I would be cordial to your parents but don't make any plans unless it would be to meet at their house. Or would they duck out on that too?

  7. Hey Kristy! Things seem to be super between you and Bob and his son; I'm so glad to hear that!!:D I'm sure it's a relief that his family loves you too (how could they not?!) It's too bad about your parents constantly bailing out on meeting Bob..I know what you mean about the lame excuses that can be infuriating--especially when those lame excuses keep changing and changing as the days go by. Next time, give them a 2-week notice lol, we'll see how that goes! And hang in there with your braces! The result is going to be worth it!

  8. My mom was the same way and eventually I stopped trying. I didn't bother fighting because she was bitch when she was forced to go. Sorry this is such a downer. Good to hear Bob is going well.

  9. My parents got a phone call in the middle of the night by someone I went to elementary school with and haven't seen since high school graduation, accusing me of harassment. It's sad, because he's obviously mentally ill now. Instead of putting the pieces together: Stranger, middle of the night, incoherent message, wild accusations against THEIR OWN DAUGHTER, my parents assumed that this crazy person was telling the truth and sent me several diatribes via email that I needed to "handle this like an adult" and that they were "worried about the choices" I've made in my life.(Never mind that they've now have had more contact with this person than I have since 1993- that's the hilarious part.) I cannot tell you how much that hurt, and still hurts. They should know better...they should know I would never, ever be capable of that. They should at least put the logical pieces together on their own and realize this was an unfortunate, random call by a mentally ill person + we have a very unique last name + the VERY small town they live in + the fact that my parents' number is listed in the phone book and has been for over thirty continuous years + and their own daughter, their only child, is not of the personality to ever do such a thing. If you want to talk about parents sucking...I don't know...at least yours might be lame in keeping appointments but they don't accuse you of mental derangement and potentially illegal behavior because they received a random phone call in the middle of the night by a schizophrenic. *shrugs* Sorry yours let you down though.

  10. Flora - Wow... yeah, you'd think your parents would be on your side... I would have certainly questioned his motives.