298 - Wordless Wednesday

Except I can't not say something... (nice use of a double negative huh? next up - a triple!)

This is my neighbor. When I look out my window at work (admittedly, it's a nice perk) I have a pretty nice view... and this guy has been taunting me for the past couple of days. Yesterday I got him with my cell phone, running from me like I'm paparazzi... He's cute. Cuz he's not eating my house. If he were eating my house like he's chomping away at that pinecone I'd pop him between those adorable little eyes and eat him for dinner...

Puppies and rainbows!

Another perk is that we have to take pictures of things at work, so we have a nifty camera with a decent zoom. So today I GOT HIM. Muahahaha...

These are yesterday's cell phone photos. Maximum zoon. Have to say though, loving the clarity, and the sun hit the tree just right so the contrast is pretty cool.

Run squirrely!

The End.


  1. Cute, but those little demons can make a huge mess, munchin' on pine cones. My front yard is teeming with the little rodents, noisily gnawing away, in the pines.

  2. My mowing day starts with cleaning up the pine cone remains and that turns into a big thing sometimes Ha Ha

    Yep "Delicious and nutritious tastes just like chicken" only bad thing about this is that now chicken tastes just like squirrel :)

  3. You mean you have a WINDOW at work? Awesome.
    We have windows here, but for some reason, nobody likes the light coming in...the blinds are always drawn. But that's ok, the only view we have is the damn parking lot.