300 - It speaks for itself

Don't mess with me beyotches... I'll take you down!

I did alright with my .38. I really rocked it out with Bob's 9 mm though... that grouping near the bullseye is the 9. Woot! I want me one...


  1. Good job! Remind me not to (forgive me for saying this) piss you off. If I do, aim for my head... there isn't much in there, to splatter.

  2. Ms. A - Forgiven ;) And stop it... your head is full of good things!

    Sammy - *she bows*

  3. Very accurate, very impressive, I don't know that I could be as accurate even with a rifle...are not handguns much more difficult to be so accurate with?

  4. Haven't ever shot a rifle so I don't know, but I would guess it depends on the distance. Seems like handguns would lose their accuracy the further out the target goes.

  5. Impressive :)

    I think I am more accurate with a rifle.

  6. Great shooting! I very rarely link to one of my own posts, but becaue this post is only the second one I've seen that dealt with target shooting, I'm gonna do it anyway...

    if you have the time take a peek! If not, that's okay also..

    Good shooting!!!