321 - BEST DAY EVER!!!

My FSH levels were "normal"!!! That means I start medication on Thursday!!! That was the last thing I was really worried about, everything after this should be smooth sailing. I know that sounds weird, but if the medication didn't work the there was no 'everything after this'.

I want one of these. My friend said they're cheap entertainment. I think they would be... like tennis, with bugs. Muahahaha.

My credit card company surprised me today. I had to put the IVF on a card, I couldn't get a loan. So I fretted up until the day I paid, that they might lower my credit limit and I'd be fuc... screwed (sorry Ms. A). Economy is bad, my debt level has increased considerably over the last few months for various reasons... I just had a bad feeling. Yesterday when the transaction went through I was happy. Then I got home and there was an envelope with checks in it that I could write against that same account, but if I used the checks, I would get 0% APR through November of 2012. By using my card, I was going to pay 18.99%... at the time I had no choice. So I called the credit card company and explained that I had gone online a week ago and there was no offer, but mere hours after I make the purchase I get a check in the mail. The rep told me what I expected to hear, but my intention was to speak to a supervisor all along, so I just asked to be transferred. When I spoke to the supervisor he said he could understand my frustration, and he gave me the 0% for 12 months!!! So we save about $450 in interest charges and we may even get money back because I get rewards dollars for purchases, although since it was through an offer I may not (and if I don't, it won't bother me... I am still happy). So I looooooooooooooooooooove my credit card company. I have always had good experiences with them, and today they went above and beyond anything I could have expected.

Anyway, I know that wasn't a non-IVF blog, but I can't help it. I hoped for the best, but i've had a lot of bad news lately, so I was still on edge, and to get good news was just amazing. I've been crying off and on about it, but they're happy tears. This time next month we could be pregnant!!!... Just gotta get over that first shot....

On the downside, I went to the dentist today and I have three cavities that need to be taken care of, plus 5-6 more spots that could turn into cavities. He prescribed me some higher percentage fluoride toothpaste and told me to floss every night and MAYBE I can reverse it to some extent. I'm also going to try to cut back on sugary sodas... with these trays in, the sugar just accumulates around my teeth and sits there... I knew it was probably dumb to drink them with my braces in and this just proves it. The worst part is, he said if he does fillings, it may change the shape of my teeth, and since my trays are very exact, they may not fit right in the future, they may have to be redone... I have to talk to my orthodontist tomorrow. Depends on how much it costs to redo those trays... I know I have two more in this box, and there is another box. Each box holds 8 trays but it may not be a full box... so at least another 6 months, I think I'm 2/3 of the way through the treatment... I don't want to pay another 1/3 of the cost and I'm sure insurance won't cover any of that additional cost. But... I also don't want my teeth to fall out... or to have to have root canals or extractions.

And his name is Mike, not Bob. I guess I was trying to keep one piece of my life private, but I figure I'm putting everything else out there, and he told me he doesn't care, so... my husband's name is Mike. Kinda funny... two of the most common names in the universe... Mike and Kristy... Kristy and Mike... it works.  :)


  1. Thank you for not burning my eyes! Keeping everything crossed, hoping for good outcomes!

  2. IVF eh? As in In Vitro? That's how we had the kid. First try. Albeit after 4 years of trying other shit first. But either way I wish you luck, long time no talk...and most importantly I may or may not have stalked and seen you are now married.

    Wanted to formally congratulate you on that as well :)

  3. Thank you! I've been keeping tabs on you too, you're a running MACHINE!

    Yep, that IVF. :) Awesome to hear it worked for you guys on the first try, I need to hear stories like that!

  4. Back again to comment. Not necessarily better than ever, but back.

    Had to do something. Was fat. Not just fat, very fat.

    And thanks. I try.

    Best advice I can give you is clear your head and don't let the stress of everyday life get to you when it comes to the IVF.

  5. Yay to things going well!! Hang in there! You can do it!

    Boo to cavities. I have three as well! I will mentally hold your hand if you hold mine...